Special Thanks

To ADONAY, Whom Ofrah always thanked and prayed. Thanks Him for having given her such a talent and for having given her eternal life in His Kingdom.

To Ofrah, for having given us all her gifts, her matchless voice, her beauty, her kindliness, her smiles... thank you Ofrah!

To Bezale'el Aloni, for having been her friend and great supporter for her brilliant career.

To Tanna, my sister, for her spiritual support.

To David, for his outstanding work in re-building my websites and enhancing pictures quality.

To all those who have given me their valious contribution to complete my collection and to update my website. To all those who love Ofrah and keep her memory in their hearts.



Who does find a worthy woman? For she is worth far more than precious gems. Loveliness is deceptive and beauty is in vain; a woman who fears Adonay is to be praised. Do celebrate her for the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

HaShem, Who is merciful towards all His children, have compassion, clemency and mercy of her nephesh, her ru'ach and her neshamah, that departed from this world with a good name, Ofrah bat-Shoshannah; Ru'ach HaKodesh give her rest in Gan Eden, to her and to all the daughters of Yisrael who stay with her in clemency and forgiveness, this be welcome, and let us say: Amen!

IM NIN'ALU (author of this website)




Some letters sent to me commenting this website. Thanks to everyone who has appreciated my pages!

* The following letter was written by a lady who had a spiritual experience very similar to mine:

I agree with all that you said. Yes praise be to Adonai our G-d forever! He also put in my heart special words about Ofra a day before she died.
The day before she died, I was praying for her, and G-d spoke to my heart. Not audibly, but I felt his voice in my heart, and he said, that He would give Ofra a new song, and that she would walk with Him in Gan Eden the way that Adam did, and that He would show her the light, and He would reveal Himself to her, that she would know him as Adam knew Him.
I wrote a letter to Sheva Hospital where she was in Tel Ha Shomer, addressed to her family, and hoped that they would receive it, and that my words would be of encouragement to them.
I don't know if they ever got the letter, but Adonai knows what I wrote, and He honored it .
Ofra was beautiful, and I wanted to be like her.
With love,

(Israel / USA)

Hello, I found your website of great interest -- very good discography information and I learned quite a bit. Thanks again for a great site.

David (Arizona)

I just read your website about Ofra. I followed her career for many years since I discovered Ofra in 1983 (thru the Shirei Teiman album). Your site is very informative and full of respect and beautiful wishes. I'm just wondering who you are, where you live. Your site is a service to people who want to know more about Ofra and her music.

Regards, Malka (New York)

Shalom -- Just wanted to say that your website is very nice. Thank you for taking the time to create this site and give memorial to such a talented and beautiful daughter of Israel. G-d comfort her family and friends.

Cara, Klezmer musician (New York)

Thank you for the beautiful music. I just cannot tell you how much it has already blessed our house. Hearing these songs is like getting a glimpse into heaven and how worship was meant to be sounded. I think Ofra has the most angelic, beautiful, instrumental voice I have ever heard. What a beautiful purpose of her life; to be used as a catalyst to make the sounds of the angels of heaven with her voice.

Jamie "La Cshay", Flamenco dancer (California)


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Her memory is a blessing, her songs are worship, her beauty is now perfect in Heaven, her voice is eternal...