Discography 2

FOLK / Ethnic Yemenite~Israeli music


ETHNIC POP ~ Israeli Folk in Modern Style

"ETHNIC POP"... Maybe it is not the best way to define this second group of songs; I just want to convey a meaning of modern style based on traditional folk, as many of these songs are of ancient spirit but expressed in our times style.

1) Shaday
2) Kirya
3) Kol Haneshamah

"SHADAY" is the first international success, with mainly Yemenite songs in a modern key, as "Eshal", "Da'ale Da'ale" and new versions of "Im Nin'alu" and "Galbi". Track list:

1. Im Nin'alu
2. Eshal
3. Da'ale Da'ale
4. My Aching Heart
5. Love Song
6. Galbi
7. Face To Face
8. Take Me To Paradise
9. Shaday

"Love Song" is an outstanding performance a cappella of Shir HaShirim 8:6-7 (the Song of Songs of Solomon 8:6-7).

This is her first album containing tracks also in English, including two versions of tracks previously released in Hebrew: "My Aching Heart", from "Hake'ev Haze" and "Take Me To Paradise" from "Bo Venagen Otti", both released in the album "Yamim Nishbarim".

"Shaday" is a beautiful song that introduces us to her next two albums that complete this group.

"Kirya" and "Kol Haneshamah" In my opinion, these two albums are her best ones; I'd say they mark Ofrah's "Golden Age"... exquisite music and songs exalting her matchless voice. To these two albums, I'd add some extra releases: "Elohi", title of two versions of the song "Kol Haneshamah" that were recorded for the soundtrack of "La Reine Margot" (The Queen Margot), and a magnificent live version of "Leorekh Hayam" preceded by the first words of "Elohi", which was released in the compilation "Manginat Halev" or "Greatest Hits".


To complete this section, I'd mention as Ofrah's golden songs in this style, the melodic "Latet" and which I consider her best featuring: "Yerushalaym Shel Zahav", that has been sung by many Israeli singers, though none of them may ever equal Ofrah's performance. Both these tracks have been also released in "Manginat Halev".

Track list:


1. Kirya
2. Innocent (A Requiem for Refugees)
3. Daw Da Hiya
4. Mystery, Fate and Love
5. Horashoot (The Bridge)
6. Don't Forsake Me
7. Barefoot
8. Trains Of No Return
9. Take 7/8
10. Today I'll Pray

* Bonus track released in the Italian issue of the album.


1. Leorekh Hayam
2. Ruach HaAdam
3. Zeh Yavo Pithom
4. Kol Haneshamah
5. Yeled Echad
6. Milion
7. Lyad Be'er Moledeti
8. Shehayiti Shelchà
9. Keshetavu
10. Kol Yom Vehake'ev Shelo
11. Ben Adam Ba'olam
12. Gufchà Roqed Bahalomi

"Love Song" - lyrics (translation)

"Set me as a seal on your heart,
As a seal on your arm;
For love is strong as death,
Jealousy is as cruel as Sheol;
Its flames are flames of fire,
A very flame of Yah.
Many waters are unable to extinguish love,
Neither can floods drown it.
If a man would give
All the wealth of his house for love
He would be utterly scorned."

(Song of Solomon 8:6-7)



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Her memory is a blessing, her songs are worship, her beauty is now perfect in Heaven, her voice is eternal...