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A Loving Tribute to Ofrah Haza

"Precious in the sight of HaShem is the death of His saints." (Tehilim 116:15)


"Even if there be no mercy left in the world,
the gates of Heaven will never be barred"

(Rabbi Shalom Shabazi)

In memory of Ofrah Haza, a holy woman.
Her light has been taken away from our sight,
killed by the forces of darkness, but redeemed
by the Almighty God of Israel,
- El Shaday -
for everlasting life.
Her eyes were closed until the day of resurrection
the resurrection of the righteous.
Her voice has been chosen by the Living God,
- El Hai -
to delight before His Presence
all the redeemed souls and the angels.

(the author)

Her prayer was

"I thank my God who created me a fortress,
He will hear my voice
and me, in my quest
in His Name I hope."
"Oh Star of the morning
in exile, You will be my guiding light."
"Rock of my existence,
You are my claim to holiness."

(from "Ode le'Eli", "Ayelet-chen", "Tzur Manoti"
Rabbi Shalom Shabazi)

Ofrah Haza belonged to the offspring of
King Shlomo ben-David,
who has given glory to Yerushalaym
and to the Kingdom of Israel;
in his time the first Hebrew settlement
out of
Eretz Yisrael
was welcome in the Kingdom of Sheva/Teyman (Yemen),
where Jewish culture has survived until recent times,
when almost all Teymani Jews, included Haza family,
did aliya to return back in their own land,
Eretz Yisrael.

Ofrah has sung a prophecy
that King Shlomo has given for the present times:
the King Solomon, righteous and appealing judge,
he was the king and the father of the people...
Two young women came with a child,
both claiming to be the mother of this child...
He said:
Bring me a sword and divide the baby in two!
the real mother cried: Don't!
the other said: Divide!
Everybody knew who was really true...
How can the people divide a little child?
How can the people divide such a little heart?

(from the song "Jerusalem", that has not been released)

This is a prophetic word in M'lachim Alef 3:16-28
(1 Kings 3:16-28).
This shows us that those who want to divide Jerusalem
are not the legitimate owners of the city.
That is the Holy City, that belongs to Adonay Elohim
and to His elected people, Israel.
Jews would never accept
that their own capital may be divided!
It's a sacrilege!

Ofrah has also prophesied
her own bodily end on this earth;
her prayer to the Most High was:
"Don't cast me away
when I start to fade,
when my minds unmade,
don't forsake me;
when my strength has ebbed,
don't forsake me.
I know the day will come
And all my life will be haze and spark,
Don't ever leave me in the dark."

I would say with her:
"We can cross the bridge together to cross the bridge forever..."

She has crossed the bridge and has passed
through the gates of Heaven.
Im nin'alu.

A Tribute to Ofra Haza
and the People of the Land


Earth black, clay brown, wheat yellow, beach sand
This is the colors of the land
Land of my father, Avraham
Such grandeur, Yerushalaym
And I have seen her glory

Her features flaunt riches, my Yisrael
A generous bounty, God assails
Sweetness, in season, Fruit of the Vine
Oh Savior, be mine!

Her body is Nile, a gentle strait
Forbearing her brothers long debate
The Veil has been rent, the enemies arise
And who shall bring this glory?

Kiryat cannot steal away --
For no divide, she’ll conquer --
Carried from her mothers’ womb --
Abounding is her Father!

Yet, there be one who sang of God’s grace
Majestic, and was foretold in prophecy
Twisted and trapped was her fate
Through Merciful Gates she has passed, free

Earth black, clay brown, wheat yellow, beach sand
This is the blood that covers the land
Land that was promised and ancients took hold
Enter the Gate! Yeshua, Behold!

And I have seen her glory

Copyright, 2000

Tanna's Page


Ofrah was the Queen of Sheva in modern Israel,
she was the Queen of Israel,
and her ambassadress in the world.
The king of the North was honoured
with her presence,
impressed by her personality,
when Peace was given a prize
King Shlomo's words in Shir haShirim 3:6
may fully refer to her:

"Who is this who comes up from the wilderness
like pillars of smoke,
perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,
with all spices of the merchant?"

(Song of Solomon 3:6)

Ofrah honoured King Shlomo,
her ancient father,
by magnificently singing a cappella
his "Shir Ahavah", in Shir haShirim 8:6-7:

"Set me as a seal on your heart,
As a seal on your arm;
For love is strong as death.
Jealousy is as cruel as Sheol;
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
A very flame of Adonay.
Many waters can't quench love,
Neither can floods drown it.
If a man would give
All the wealth of his house for love
He would be utterly scorned."

(Song of Solomon 8:6-7)

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The Voice of Heaven




Who does find a worthy woman? For she is worth far more than precious gems. Loveliness is deceptive and beauty is in vain; a woman who fears Adonay is to be praised. Do celebrate her for the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates.

HaShem, Who is merciful towards all His children, have compassion, clemency and mercy of her nephesh, her ru'ach and her neshamah, that departed from this world with a good name, Ofrah bat-Shoshannah; Ru'ach HaKodesh give her rest in Gan Eden, to her and to all the daughters of Yisrael who stay with her in clemency and forgiveness, this be welcome, and let us say: Amen!




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