I knew Ofrah Haza Z"L (I like translating her name in this way, according to Hebrew spelling) and was suddenly caught by her heavenly voice and then, I've had a very particular experience regarding her: In Cheshwan 5760, Adonay warned me that He was to call her home, and told me to pray for her soul, showing me by His Word in Yeshayahu 59:16 and 59:1...
I didn't know anything about her health conditions then. I knew about this only after three days since she was hospitalised at Sheba in Tel-HaShomer, and Adonay told me: «Go, stay with her in prayer, for these are her last days on the earth; I am calling her home»... and so did I, as it was my task.


Batsheva Ofrah Haza was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, 25th Cheshwan, 5718,
She is in Paradise since 17th Adar I, 5760 (She was murdered).

I just want to say why Ofrah cannot be compared to any other singer:
* She was one of the very, very few singers who has done excellent performances without need of musical accompaniment - her songs "a cappella" are really unique. I think that most other famous artists are hardly able to sing in this way.
* She performed in many languages perfectly: Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, English, Spanish/Ladino, French... &c. &c. She has sung "Deliver Us" in 17 languages!
* She was able to succeed in a very difficult field: non-conventional music style. Only Ofrah Haza was able to let the world know the ancient Yemenite Jewish tunes and be successful!
* She has done something no other artist achieved: to have international success even not singing in English. Artists whose mother language is not English, had to sing in English in order to have international acknowledgement. Some few reached a certain fame in other western languages as Spanish, Italian or French. But nobody would have ever dreamt to achieve success by singing in an ancient tongue like Hebrew or Aramaic! Yes, Ofrah has sung also in English, but after having become an international star. Her first hits were "Im Nin'alu" and "Galbi"... only her latest albums included songs in English, though most of them had anyway part of the lyrics in Hebrew.
* Unlike most of female singers, she has composed almost all her songs, music and lyrics, either alone or with Betzale'el Aloni.
* To conclude, Ofrah belongs to another dimension, that's why she may not be compared with common human beings. She is actually in other dimension now, but when she was on this earth, her voice was heavenly, anyway.


I would give a list of her albums classifying them by style, in three main groups:
folk, ethnic pop, and pop.


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Her memory is a blessing, her songs are worship, her beauty is now perfect in Heaven, her voice is eternal...



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