"But you, Dani'el, hide the words, and seal the book until the time of the end. Many shall diligently search and knowledge shall increase."

"Go, Dani'el, for the words are hidden and sealed till the end of times."

Dani'el 12:4, 9

Since ancient times, Jewish Rabbis and scholars believe that there is a "hidden text" within the Hebrew Scriptures (TaNaKH), and more specifically in the Five Books of Moses (Torah), consisting of words or phrases expressed in the form of equidistant letter sequences (ELS).

Thanks to recent scientifical technology and mainly to the computer, this hidden text, the "Bible Codes" or "Torah Codes" are being revealed, as the verses quoted above predicted... in the original Hebrew text of these verses there is encoded the way how the "sealed words" would have been discovered: "with the computer".

After I knew about the existence of the Bible Codes and how they mention recent events as well as names of many remarkable people, I thought that the great Star of Israel should be mentioned too. And I was right!

A very brief description of the Bible Codes

The original Hebrew Scriptures were written without spaces between words, and no punctuation signs. The encoded messages are found as ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequences) - that is by selecting sequences of equally distant letters in the text. Suppose we are given a text, such as Genesis (G). Define an ELS (equidistant letter sequence) as a sequence of letters in the text whose positions, not counting spaces, form an arithmetic progression; that is, the letters are found at the positions

n, n+d, n+2d,..., n+(k-1)d.

We call "d" the skip, "n" the start, and "k" the length of the ELS.
These three parameters uniquely identify the ELS, which is denoted (n, d, k).

These sequences are placed within a "matrix" - the ELS matrix slide, that places the letters in array over top each other in rows at equal intervals, from the actual text, with no spaces between words.


Copyright 2001 by Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak

Copyright 2001 by Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak