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The Simeon Deceit
–The “AtsigaNa” Fraud–


Since the consciousness of the Hebrew origin of Roma people is progressively being credited, mainly among Gypsy groups –though not always in a correct manner–, a new counterfeit, phony theory, has been forged by unscrupulous, ruthless, dishonest people: the alleged origin in the Tribe of Simeon (Shimon).
The fabricator of this fraud is a man with a serious mental disorder, who does not admit being contradicted and slanders whoever debunks his lies, and is supported by some fake Gypsies who are indeed deceitful Gadje disguised as Roma. However, it is not of our interest describing furtherly the obscure minds behind this forgery, but exposing the theory itself and its unbiblical and unhistorical assertions.
The whole deceit is based on anagrams, unlikely related words in different languages, far-fetched gematria calculations, and ludicrous, speculative misinterpretations of Scripture. The name itself of the so-called “foundation” is a Hebrew expression found in Genesis 33:15, which sounds roughly similar to the exonym given to Roma people by Greeks and other European nations, but not the self-designation by Roma.

The text in Hebrew and its transliteration:

The translation given by the Jewish Publication Society Bible is as follows:

“And Esau said: Let me now leave with thee some of the folk that are with me. And he said: What needeth it? let me find favour in the sight of my lord”.

The coiner of this hypothesis relates Esau’s words “atziga-na” with the general designation for Gypsies in some European languages (Aθίγγανος, Цыга́н, Cigány, Tsigane, etc.), when actually there is not any connection at all besides an assonance. The expression uttered by Esau is generally translated as “let me leave” –with the meaning of introduce, present, settle– and regards some people he had with him whom he suggested to leave to his brother Jacob. It is on this sole statement that the whole theory is founded, allegedly relating Esau to the Gypsy people. Evidently, such association is linguistically ridiculous and lacks of the slightest scriptural support.

What has Simeon to do with all this? Nothing, in fact. All the theory is based on false assumptions which are unbelievably nonsensical. The way to relate Simeon with Esau and this odd declaration which supposedly refers to Gypsies is that the fabulist who contrived it says that there are two different lines in humankind: one descending from Adam (the good one) and the other from the Serpent of Eden (the evil one), and to this folly he adds the assertion that all twin childbirths mentioned in the Bible were generated by two different men with the same woman, a very improbable event. Therefore, he says that besides Cain and Abel –allegedly twins who were sons of the Serpent and of Adam respectively–, he says that also Esau and Jacob were not both sons of Isaac but Esau was from Eliezer of Damascus (who, supposedly, would have been a descendant of Nimrod, thus, the “evil line”), and in the same way, he says that Simeon and Levi were twins –the Scriptures do not even give a hint for such assumption– and that Simeon was not of Jacob but of Esau. His delirious misinterpretations in this aspect affect also other Bible characters, for instance, Solomon, whom he claims to be the son of Uriah the Hittite, while Pharaoh Sheshonq would be one of the sons of King David. The list of implausible paternity attributions includes Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera who became the wife of Joseph, would have been instead the daughter of Simeon and his own sister Dinah; thus, a multiple incestuous relationship. Only a very sick mind with troubles of sexual nature may conceive such ideas.

Besides the already mentioned nonsenses, the promoter of this theory has a serious deficiency in mathematics, as he asserts that Simeon was thirteen years old when he killed the men of Shechem. This incident is described in Genesis 34:25-29 and happened after the occasion in which Dinah went out to see the daughters of the land and was raped, Genesis 34:1-2. This means that Dinah should have been at least twelve years old at that time. Dinah was the seventh child of Leah, and the eleventh of Jacob, while Simeon was the second child of both. According to the sequence given in Genesis 29:32 to 30:21 and estimating that each child was born within one year after the preceding brother, Simeon should have been at least nine years older than Dinah. After Dinah’s birth, Jacob fathered Joseph, and then he still remained in Haran until he became rich (Genesis 30:25-43), this means that he did not arrive immediately to the land of Canaan. Therefore, when Simeon slew the Shechemites he should have been no less than twenty-one years old.

Other idiocies alleged by the aforesaid deceiver are that the angel who wrestled with Jacob in Genesis 32:24-28 was Simeon (a twelve-year-old boy according to his own bizarre calculations), and that Joseph arrested Simeon in the episode narrated in Genesis 42:24 only to release him and introduce to him his purportedly grandsons Manasseh and Ephraim, since their mother would have been Simeon’s daughter and not Potiphera’s. Such assertions are openly against any Bible exegesis, at any level. In fact, “Joseph called his firstborn son Manasseh (Menashsheh) because God hath made me forget (nashah) all my toil, and all my father's house” (Genesis 41:51), that is, he removed all memory of his original family and had not any interest in connecting his new one with his own past.

This is all what the “AtsigaNa” theory regarding the “proofs” that Gypsies come from Simeon has to say. Too stupid to be believed. An expression said by Esau and a series of arbitrarily ascribed relationships, without any scriptural support and without any historical evidence, but only a whimsical conception by a disturbed mind.

Furthermore, the “AtsigaNa foundation” has also a hidden agenda: the purpose of all this speculation on the alleged existence of an “evil lineage” and a “good lineage” and the subsequent claim of making Gypsies to be descended from a bastard child generated by the “evil” Esau, but grown up by the “good” Jacob, aims at the conversion of Gypsies to Judaism, in order that they can “return back to the right way”. The process would be carried on through a yet nonexistent “Tsigan Institute” supposedly to be built in Israel, with corrupted rabbis who would teach Gypsies the Hebrew language and interpretation of Torah. Those who remain in the Christian Gypsy churches –utterly hated by the AtsigaNa founder and his fake Gypsy accomplices, in a special way they loathe the organization “Vie et Lumière, Mission Évangélique des Tziganes”– would belong to the wicked lineage of Esau. To finance this so-called institute, the AtsigaNa criminal association has established a donation fund, through which they would gather money for their own profit, scamming people who may fall in their deception.

All the information given in this page is trustworthy and verified.