Book of Origins

Site about the origin of ancient peoples and modern nations. Miscellaneous information and research on historical facts. List of ancient kings, genealogies and various maps. This site concerns the origin of the peoples beginning with the ancient cultures and civilizations, taking account of the most ancient genealogies and the peoples that trace back their origins to them, as well as their appearance and disappearance in history.

Myths, Hypotheses & Facts Concerning the Origin of Peoples

This is a second set of webpages dealing with some of the topics concerning the origin of peoples, but analysed from a controversial viewpoint starting from commonly accepted myths and disavowing them through documentary proofs. An accurate research exposing the myths in comparison with the historical and scientific facts. Still in progress, the topics available by the moment are:

"The True Origin of Roma and Sinti" * / "Romany Law" * / "Myths and Traditions of Roma" *
"Origin and Identity of the Arabs"
"The Ancient Identity of the Hungarians" *
"The Vlach"

"The Indus Valley History Chronology"
"The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians" *
"The 'Lost Tribes' of Israel - They Are NOT British"
"The Simeon Deceit" *.

Maps of the Ancient World - A collection of maps designed by the author providing complementary illustration to the websites listed above. Copyrighted material.

Israel and the Arab World * - Comparison charts.

Women of the Bible *

An essay about different women mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Book of Esther

The identity of the Queen of Persia in history.


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