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ImNin' is a complex of websites concerned with history, culture, spirituality, music and other topics.

History & Culture:

IM NIN'ALU's Book of Origins - Site about the origin of ancient peoples and modern nations. Miscellaneous information and research on historical facts. List of ancient kings, genealogies and various maps. This site concerns the origin of the peoples beginning with the ancient cultures and civilizations, taking account of the most ancient genealogies and the peoples that trace back their origins to them, as well as their appearance and disappearance in history.

History of the Peoples: A Complement to IM NIN'ALU's Book of Origins - Information regarding some specific topics exposed in the above mentioned website, a set of pages containing historical research about the Habiru, the Hyksos, the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Khazars, the Huns and other Eurasian peoples.

Myths, Hypotheses & Facts Concerning the Origin of Peoples - This is a second set of webpages dealing with some of the topics exposed in the "Im Nin'alu's Book" concerning the origin of peoples, but analysed from a controversial viewpoint starting from commonly accepted myths and disavowing them through documentary proofs. An accurate research exposing the myths in comparison with the historical and scientific facts. Still in progress, the topics available by the moment are "The True Origin of Roma and Sinti" * / "Romany Law" * / "Myths and Traditions of Roma" *, "Origin and Identity of the Arabs", "The True Identity of the So-called Palestinians" *, "The 'Lost Tribes' of Israel - They Are NOT British", "The Ancient Identity of the Hungarians" *, "The Vlach" and "The Indus Valley History Chronology".

Maps of the Ancient World - A collection of maps designed by the author providing complementary illustration to the websites listed above. Copyrighted material.

Famous Gypsies - Famous personalities who are Roma or have Romany ancestry: artists, writers, actors, musicians and singers, Nobel Prizes, presidents and parliament members, football players, Flamenco artists, etc.

Israel and the Arab World * - Comparison charts.

Ofra Haza, Spirituality:

The Voice of Heaven *- This has been the original homepage of the domain. Centered on the outstanding Israeli singer Ofra Haza, her discography, song lyrics, gallery and also Mysticism, Kabbalah, Torah Codes.

Women of the Bible * - An essay about different women mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures.


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Judaica & Products from Israel - Online shops, Hebrew language courses, books, music, technology items, jewelry, clothing, gifts.

Guest sites:
I have willingly hosted some friends' websites:

Jew Girl -- A Secret Prayer - by He'elem: A literary collection of prose/poetry depicting the life of Jerusha (character), from birth to womanhood. Inspired by and dedicated to the memory and life of Ofrah Haza.

Mujer Gitana, transmisora de su cultura - by Carmen: A research on the origin and identity of the Roma people, by a Spanish Roma lady (in Spanish).

My webrings:

Jerusalem Webring Homepage - This webring invites whoever believes that Yerushalaym
-Jerusalem- is and must ever be One undivided city under Israeli sovereignity, and that she is the Capital city of the State of Israel. Any website may join, no matter if related to Jerusalem or Israel or not; joining this ring implies full agreement with such statement. Shalom aleichem! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

OfraHaza Memorial Ring - This webring gathers the most important and complete sites in honour and memory of the outstanding Israeli artist Ofra Haza. Our loving tribute to Her.

Hebrew Song & PoetryThis ring gathers websites devoted to Scripture, songs, poetry, literature that was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic, and artists, writers, poets who have sung or written in Hebrew or Aramaic languages.

The Jewish History RingThis Ring is dedicated to the websites regarding history of the Jewish nation, as well as world history involving Jewish individuals within the international community. Ring members should intend to give a valid contribution to students and teachers of Jewish History.